Sunday, November 18, 2007


I made a trip to my mother's home.
To use their computer.
The above photos are photos I took with my iPhone and uploaded onto my mother's computer so I could post them. They are showing what is left of my beloved computer. I have no idea what happened.
All of my files are temporarily gone.
All of my self-created Photoshop brushes.
All of my Publisher tag and label documents that are already laid out.
All of my family photos.
For the time being anyway.
For all of my wonderful, wonderful buyers, please bear with me as I get this fixed tomorrow so I can create your orders. If, God forbid, my files cannot be extracted, I'll have to have another computer over-nighted to me so I can begin re-designing everything. Obriously, shipping is going to be delayed until I get this fixed. I hope you all understand. Thankfully, the wonderful Etsy community is like one big family.
If I am not able to answer your convo or email right away, this is why. Please, please please be patient with me as I get through this. My connection to the outside world is lost. I just feel like part of me is gone. Temporarily.
If you say prayers or send positive thoughts, whatever it is you do, I really need them right now. Thankfully, I haven't turned to Ben and Jerry's or "the bottle" yet to numb this helpless feeling, but they're both tempting. :) I do feel like I should be holding a candlelight vigil in front of my monitor though. :)
Humor is all I have right now. If I didn't have that, I'd be curled up in bed crying. Seriously.
I will get everyone's orders sent out just as soon as humanly possible. You have my word as a lady.
Love to you all,

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas spirit!

Good morning everyone! I was feeling the Christmas spirit last night to the max, so I thought I'd make my first set of Christmas cards for the shop. There are only nine sets available, so if you like 'em, run, don't walk, over to Paperologie! Have a happy day everyone!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More Than Paper

Yes, this is Paperologie's blog.
Yes, this probably will have a lot of paper-related type every week.
However, I'm more than paper.
So, you're gonna get more than paper from now on.
It's quiet at my house while everyone else is asleep during all of the crazy hours I work.
I need to blog.
My blog is my new best friend.
Sad, isn't it?
I've been holed up in my home working like a freak of nature on orders (Including some Paperologie goodness for some upcoming top secret scrapbooking kit clubs!)
This friend listens without judging.
It never interrupts.
I could get used to this.
So, sneak a peek at my diary.
It's not under lock and key.
(Although depending on what I admit on here, maybe it should be! Lol.)

Anyway, today I found the most perfecto scarf. Classic. Chic. Really cozy looking. It's at Nordstrom, ladies. Get it while it's hot! Err, cold? Click on the photo if you want to buy it.

Well, it's after 1AM. My mint green tea is begging to be brewed.
Have a happy and creative day everyone.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Fixed it!

I fixed the darn banner.
I can rest peacefully now.


Oh drat! I tried to spruce up my new blog a bit, and somehow ended up jacking with the font in my logo! It's condensed. What the heck? Anyway, I'm too tired of messing with it today. Bad Photoshop! No no! The color makes me happy though. (The background is my favorite color by the way. What do you call it? Tiffany Blue? Robin's Egg Blue?)

My husband is home today for Veteran's Day, so it's a bit more rambunctious around the house than usual. He and the little guy love to wrestle around on the floor. (What little boy doesn't?!) I've learned to control my urge to holler, 'What was that?' whenever I hear a thump that is a little too loud for comfort. It's all good. I'm hiding in my little hole (read: the office) working on orders and playing in Photoshop, and reading the forums on Etsy a bit more than I should be right now.

It's drizzling here, and I have a latte snuggled up to me. The little man is getting ready to take a nap, and I have a new Us Weekly magazine calling my name... Life is good.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Can we say whirlwind?

Wow! There is so much going on at the Paperologie studio! (Well, on the computer in our family office and in the middle of a pile of cardstock on the living room floor, that is...) I got up at 2AM this morning to work on orders. Coffee is most definitely my friend today, due to the fact that somehow I have to put on my Wonderwoman costume and send out 27 packages today! Sheesh. Is that even possible?? I suppose it is, with Veteran's Day being tomorrow and all. As long as I have them all at the post office on Tuesday by 5:15pm, I'm golden.
So, I also started Etsy Paper, a Street Team for artists who use paper, sell paper, and love paper. :) It's off to a great start! There are sooo many talented individuals on Etsy. I'm just so thrilled to be getting to know them!
As for news around the Paperologie house, we made icecream sundaes and watched Thomas the Tank Engine the other night. Fun, fun!
Anyway, my son is calling for oatmeal.
Must jet.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I have a DATE!!

A date with cardstock, new designs, and my computer, that is...
My hubby is out of town on business, so this weekend I'm fulfilling all of the orders I received when I was out of town last week. Busy, busy!! Anyway, I'm so excited about these new little calendars. I'm excited about a lot of things. Paperologie has so many wonderful things in store for it! I haven't received my Moo cards in the mail yet, but when I do, I'll post 'em.
Let's see... On the agenda for today? The market. Getting orders out. Working on my new street team, Etsy Paper... Good times!
Speaking of the market, I reached a MOM MILESTONE. For years, I told myself I wouldn't buy one of those industrial size packages of toilet paper. You know- the ones with, like, twenty in plastic at a time? I refused. I know. It's dumb. Purchasing one of those would have made me feel like such a MOM. A housewife. A homemaker. I know that's what I am, but I would have rather gone to the market every three days to pick up the cute little four pack, than hoist the industrial sized one down from the shelf. Well, yesterday, I finally broke down. A twelve pack. Sticking up two stories from my cart. I'm a housewife everyone. A busy one. One who has a beautiful little family and a rockin' paper goods business.
It's all good.