Sunday, November 18, 2007


I made a trip to my mother's home.
To use their computer.
The above photos are photos I took with my iPhone and uploaded onto my mother's computer so I could post them. They are showing what is left of my beloved computer. I have no idea what happened.
All of my files are temporarily gone.
All of my self-created Photoshop brushes.
All of my Publisher tag and label documents that are already laid out.
All of my family photos.
For the time being anyway.
For all of my wonderful, wonderful buyers, please bear with me as I get this fixed tomorrow so I can create your orders. If, God forbid, my files cannot be extracted, I'll have to have another computer over-nighted to me so I can begin re-designing everything. Obriously, shipping is going to be delayed until I get this fixed. I hope you all understand. Thankfully, the wonderful Etsy community is like one big family.
If I am not able to answer your convo or email right away, this is why. Please, please please be patient with me as I get through this. My connection to the outside world is lost. I just feel like part of me is gone. Temporarily.
If you say prayers or send positive thoughts, whatever it is you do, I really need them right now. Thankfully, I haven't turned to Ben and Jerry's or "the bottle" yet to numb this helpless feeling, but they're both tempting. :) I do feel like I should be holding a candlelight vigil in front of my monitor though. :)
Humor is all I have right now. If I didn't have that, I'd be curled up in bed crying. Seriously.
I will get everyone's orders sent out just as soon as humanly possible. You have my word as a lady.
Love to you all,


Terri said...

I'm so sorry that this happened to you. Sending my prayers as I know you must be so stressed and sad. I hope you can get your files.

Anonymous said...

Saying a little computer prayer for you.

Hubby has rescued me a number of times. You have just reminded me to back things up.

Big hugs,
Thena Smith

Racheal Anilyse said...

i'm sending you happy vibes. stay positive.

i'll take over all things etsypaper for you. no worries.

your computer will get fixed!!!!!!

Kell & Nick said...


Sending prayers from California!!!
I love your stuff!!!


Annie Howes said...

Here's hoping it's only a video display card and not your files.

Wishing you a speedy "recovery" :o)

rachael said...

Hi - I saw your post on the etsy forums - I wanted to tell you good luck. I also wanted to let you know that when my computer crashed & I had nothing backed up a local repair shop installed a second hard drive & I was able to go back into the original one t get my stuff. I don't know if that will work for you but figured I would throw it our there.

YourMemoriesByDesign said...

I'm really sorry you are going through this. My fingers are crossed and my thoughts are with you, hoping that you can restore your data. (((HUGS)))

Trish said...

Oh, you poor sweet girl! Hang in there--you will get through this. Don't worry--I'm in no rush and I totally understand!

Big hugs to you!


Andrea Q said...

I'm so sorry!

It looks like it could be a problem with the video ram.

Lindsay said...

That's awful! So sorry to hear that happened to you...your shop and items are just lovely and I hope you can save all of your files/brushes/photos, etc. Best of luck!


Cathy said...

oh gosh - my worst nightmare! and poor thing - you are living it. hope everything can be recovered... i really need to do some backing up and cleaning up of files myself - it's the best and worst all rolled into one! good luck!

Anonymous said...

My stomach dropped when I read this. I have had this happen before. They can fix anything. Besides its the time of year to Believe. Sending out good thoughts.
Brambleberry Lane

Merrilee Diaz said...

This happend to me once as well. I learned the very hard way the true value of backing up my files. I hope you recover everything and get back up and running soon. Your designs are gorgeous!!

jujuCreations said...

oh no...what a thing to happen! Will pray that files can be recovered so you can fulfill those orders, don't give up yet Renee :)

Remember, always backup essential files. My PC died last year and luckily I'd my data burned into CDs. Now I keep my data in a USB portable 100GB drive instead of my hard drive.